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ОргазмSince times of the European sexual revolution of the man of the world began to pay huge attention оргазму partners, perceiving it as one of the basic acknowledgement of the solvency. Interrogations of Russians testify: in our country among representatives of a strong half sexual egoists prevail. Recollect Vladimir Menshov's last film "Envy of gods". Forty with a tail of years had to wait the heroine of Belief Алентовой that, having given the visiting Frenchman, to exclaim: "That it was?". And it also was female оргазм, or, speaking medical language, rhythmical reduction of muscles of the genitals, arising at the moment of outflow from them blood during the culmination moment of sexual intercourse.
Experts allocate the whole three types оргазма: клиторальный, вагинальный and внегенитальный. Stimulating the partner лобком and language, it is possible to cause in it клиторальный оргазм. There is one more perfectly proved method of achievement клиторального оргазма - мастурбация.
МастурбацияFor вагинального оргазма stimulation of a vagina by a penis, fingers or the vibrator is required. By the way, the more often and more intensively stimulation, the is more transient вагинальный оргазм. When it is reached by more sluggish movements, that, according to women, happens longer and more deeply.
Внегенитальный оргазм arises at kisses, embraces and caresses, without any stimulation of genitals. But on similar оргазм one of ten women is capable a maximum.
Usually оргазм at the woman lasts about 10 seconds, is more rare - about one minute. Besides single, there is also such phenomenon, as оргазм the plural. "Pleasure waves" roll one for another, practically without interruption throughout almost ten minutes, entering the woman in full ecstasy.
With rare exception, each man reaches pleasure peak at sexual intercourse. As to women - tests pleasure only every fourth. With the others has put is approximately as follows: approximately half of women test оргазм often, about 30 percent - it is rare and about 17 percent - never.
Listen to a bodyTrouble in that many women simply are not able to test оргазм. Their partners can be professionals in intimate questions, can please before consciousness loss - all the same it turns out nothing. Because оргазм goes not from erogenous zones, and from a head. More precisely - problems arise from inability to listen to own sensations and adequately to estimate them.
After all when it caress, the woman can think … of how it looks at present. Or, on the contrary, will aim to feel the maximum pleasure and in searches of "a volcano of passions" will pass equal, silent happiness from intimate contact, from caresses, kisses...
And then, ability to feel sexual pleasure does not come in itself, is simple so. How to the woman to define, what it approaches to satisfaction peak if she does not know internal signs of this condition, sensations which precede its own sexual discharge?
Learn to listen to itself. Study own body, own intimate reactions. That the best school female (and not only female) оргазма - мастурбация, was mentioned more than once. (Certainly, speech does not go about replacement of a real intimate life). And if the woman though time in a life has tested оргазм at мастурбации - for it any sexologist can be quiet: it not фригидна from a birth, is not deprived ability to test pleasure in bed.
Doctors quite often should listen to recognitions such: "There are the guy some months, but cannot reach оргазма in any way. The problem that I do not dare to tell about it to the partner, it so sincerely rejoices, when I simulate оргазм … Advise, please, that to me to do, I start to understand all more strongly what to deceive silly". And all it with a pain, with tears, at times promises to settle scores with a life. And only also it is necessary - professional consultation which all will put into place. The doctor will explain, that the partner makes habitual actions, being assured, that you need it. On the other hand, at each woman in the beginning of a sexual life the period physiological (i.e. normal) аноргазмии takes place. Therefore there is a sense to tell to the partner, that you esteemed something, something have learnt and now wish to test it with its help.
There are women who because of absence оргазма start to doubt the sexuality. One of them, having been ashamed to consult with the doctor, has decided to look happiness in one of numerous virtual advisory services of the Internet. "I am am excited with absence of any sensations. Long search of erogenous zones of my body has not crowned success. Now to me of 39 years, and I have understood, that these zones at me simply are absent".
Well also what? If sex without оргазма suits you - everything is all right. But if you test a dissatisfaction, irritation - means, you need to address to the sexologist, and not virtual, but real which will try to find out both physiological, and psychological underlying reason of a problem.
And in general it would be desirable to repeat: together lay down not to achieve something (вагинального оргазма, money, career etc.), and for the sake of DIALOGUE on new, the highest (or the deepest) level. Then all will turn out also the rest.
Sex can lead to diseases not only by transfer of activators of sexual infections, but also in itself. Dutch нейропсихиатр it is occupied by research of rare disease. It is connected by that people test a sharp indisposition right after … оргазма.
According to Mark Valdingera, for a year with the same symptoms reminding a flu, to it two persons have addressed. Now the group of the people testing similar infringements of health after sexual affinity, accompanied оргазмом, totals already eight persons, both men, and women. It is indicative, that symptoms to keep about a week.
Each of patients of doctor Valdingera complains that after affinity starts to test a sharp decline of forces, the pain or рези in eyes, starts to tickle a throat, the muscular pain, plentiful потоотделение is felt, sometimes it is accompanied by heat and temperature lifting. It is indicative, that the similar comes only as a result оргазма.
As the doctor, from its point of view marks, patients had an allergic reaction to hormones, and during time оргазма медиаторы (chemical transmitters of impulses between nervous cages) work in a brain and спиномозговых the terminations, causing so strange reaction of all organism.
In interview to newspaper Haagse Courant the doctor has noted: "It is very serious, because people though time tested similar reaction, start to avoid sexual contacts that conducts to occurrence of complexes and variety of other somatic and mental diseases".